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Magic and Miracles: In the Arms of Angels

When Linda’s husband, Phil, died, something happened inside of her.


Shattered beyond anything that she had ever known, she could not eat, think—and at times—she could not breathe. She didn’t know it at the time, but something inside her was changing.


Something divine and unknown had entered Linda’s life, and she set out on a journey searching for answers to her questions. Her trip led her to an amazing medium, Roxie, who helped her communicate with her late spouse.


It was a turning point that led her into a metaphysical world that toppled her belief system. Burying herself in science and quantum physics, doors blew open, and she courageously walked through them.


Crossing the threshold took Linda to places she never dreamed, and as she traveled a path toward the unknown, angels tapped at her heart and bathed her with light.

Winter of 1950


Just when Linda thought life couldn’t be more perfect, the Universe threw her a curve she didn’t see coming-and that was just the beginning.

Serenity’s Journey


Extraordinary, healing connections from beyond… A new widow trying to deal with the aftermath of her husband’s death.