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Magic and Miracles

After the death of her husband, Linda K. Reed met a medium named Roxie, who helped her to communicate with her late spouse.

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Authors Review

This inspirational yet down-to-earth memoir is a testament to miracles, and to the special place where one’s soul finds peace, unconditional love, and hope.

With great wisdom and compassion, Linda’s memoir celebrates the growth we experience when life hands us unexpected “gifts” that help us discover something greater than ourselves.


Here is the five star review for Magic and Miracles…

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Magic and Miracles: In The Arms of Angels is an inspirational memoir written by Linda K Reed. Reed’s legacy from her dysfunctional family life as a child had led to problems she experienced in her own family life. And while she had made her own poor choices, she grew from her experiences while raising her children and becoming a part of the Al-Anon family. It was relatively late in life that Reed met her soulmate and the love of her life, Phil. Theirs was a fairy tale romance, and their eventual marriage, two years later, was held on a cruise ship filled with loved ones. The two of them were in perfect sync with each other, both loving boats and relishing the time spent on their own boat, and enjoying every moment spent together. Shortly after their marriage, however, Phil was diagnosed with cancer, and he died four years later. Reed’s devastation was utter and unrelenting until she came to the realization that there was infinitely more than the physical world. She marveled at the first dream manifestation when Phil once more became a part of her life, and she learned to lean on the angels who would help to guide her along the way.

Linda K Reed’s inspirational memoir, Magic and Miracles: In The Arms of Angels, is a powerful and moving account of the author’s loss of her husband, and the steps she took during her grieving process. As I’m familiar with dream manifestations, I was quite interested in the role they played in Reed’s healing and metaphysical growth, and I was fascinated by her accounts of her interactions with her medium, Roxie, and her spirit guide, Moses. Her shared guided meditations are very motivational indeed, and I found myself planning to include that lovely sandy beach and seashore in my own meditations. Reed’s memoir is beautifully written, and her honest and moving stories are often poignant and unforgettable. Magic and Miracles: In The Arms of Angels is most highly recommended.